Monday, May 10, 2010

Nice messages ..

(01) It is better to loose your ego, to one, you love .. than, to loose the one, you love, because of ego ..
(02) If the looser keeps his smile .. the winner will loose the thrill of his victory .. that is the power of the smile .. so always have smile on your face ..
(03) Every person around you is going to hurt you at some point of time .. but it is on you to decide what is important .. THE PAIN or THE PERSON ..
(04) Even IRON becomes weak .. when it is hot .. and people can use it the way .. they wish to .. so we should always try to stay COOL .. if we wish to be STRONG ..
(05) Umbrella can not stop the rains .. but but allows us to stand in the rains .. Confidence may not bring the success .. but it gives power to face any challenge ..
(06) A crow was sitting on a tree doing nothing .. Rabbit thought to follow and did the same .. and sat on the ground .. A wolf came and ate the poor Rabbit .. MORAL of the story : TO SIT AND TO DO NOTHING YOU NEED TO BE AT TOP ..
(07) I do not know about others .. but my herat has .. many scratches .. scribbled by the dear ones ..
(08) If an egg is breaked by any outer force .. the life ends .. but if an egg is breaked by the inner force or force within .. the life begins - GREAT THINGS ALWAYS BEGIN FROM WITHIN ..

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