Wednesday, July 21, 2010

the jolt ..

At times .. all of a sudden .. you find a situation that gives a jolt .. a kick or a strong push to your life resulting in a process that boosts your energy level .. But .. if you are lucky enough then only you will be able to recognise this jolt .. Believe me that this comes out with a positive change in your life .. Relating this .. there are examples I have experienced in my life and seen in other life also and read in books also .. Reading in books may not carry that effect as if you realise or experience in your own life .. This may comprise any situation that can be described by .. anything from first letter A of alfabet to the last letter Z of alfabet .. or may any letter from middle .. may be R or J or N or S or any other .. This has no shape .. no form .. and nothing can be said .. also .. no way this can be defined .. Well .. this much I know and understand that .. this can bring you out of any distress by providing an unknown strength .. within you ..

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